Thursday, October 16, 2008


Experiment in a Manifesto

It has been suggested / discussed that a manifesto might be a next step in the project.

I think we should make one with diagrams too continuing that idea of the pack but rather than providing the materials simply instructions / suggestions of kinds of equipment needed or even a way to go about using a space might be more appropriate?

Perhaps one that folds out and can be used to make a den, so its design needs some kind of equipment within it that can be dissassembled in order to be reassembled as or as part of a den.

Mini or Large?

I'm going to make some sketches.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Las Vegas Den

Nursery den

Nursery Den

This was made by the adults at the local nursery, Leanne and Ash with a beautiful fabric roof.

International Den Making Day

Today we made a den outside in a windy freezing location in 13 minutes.
Our first without pegs for some time. String and holes in cardboard and plastic.
Thanks to Phil privilege for filming it and putting up with the extreme conditions.
The light was fantastic though today and while not a cosy den, more of a 'brutalist' piece, the light through the fire excape steps was really nice.