Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today it's 131211

Yesterday it was 13th of the 12th 2011.
Frank wasn't at school so he took all the photographs and did all the making.
Liz and I had a discussion about space.
The Royal Festival Hall.
The Turbine Hall at Tate Modern.
Chapel Allerton Arts Festival.
The Whitworth Art Gallery.
Some places to investigate..
Leeds, Bradford, York, Otley, Ilkley, Harrogate, Ripon, Sheffield, Manchester, Huddersfield, Wakefield...

Friday, December 2, 2011


The 2 'teams' immediately decided to build dens.
There was a lot of competition over objects, materials and space.
There were more complaints from next door.
The teams were very excited, tired and one was very emotional.
Today it's is going to move now.


Yesterday was our first in the space.

We immediately built a den. It was minimal and quite sculptural using 3 poles a piece of string and a tarpaulin. It was very exciting building it.

We then celebrated our new space by eating buns inside the den.

Paul arrived he is also going to use the space to draw large scale portraits.

Then another man called Paul walked into the room from the next door accountant’s offices. He was confused as to who we were. We introduced ourselves. He said there were funny noises coming through as the sound travels. I felt quite intimidated by him as he seemed quite tense and cross.
He described it as a ‘squat’ and if we were artists ‘where are your paintings?’ he asked ‘do you have jobs?’

We were all quite upset after he left.

Liz and I discussed the first session in the space which will be for Edie, Martha, Arthur and Frank.

They will have free run of the space and various objects. We will observe them and let them lead us. It will be on Monday.

Palle Nielsen confessed to having 'dictated to kids' in The Model by assuming they would work with the materials in the same way he would have...

Ernest Schachtel in 'On Memory and Childhood Amnesia': 'The adult is usually not capable of experiencing what the child experiences; more often than not he is not even capable of imagining what the child experiences.' he talks about the newness of everything for the child...

Allan Kapprow in The Education of the Un-Artist Part 2 (1972) 'As direct play is denied to adults and gradually discouraged in children, the impulse to play emerges not in true games alone, but in unstated ones of power and deception: people find themselves playing less with each other than on or off each other.'
Also 'in play one is carefree in a game one is anxious about winning'

To allow children to be completely free to play as much as they like.
Creative and imaginative play is an essential part of childhood and development. Spontaneous, natural play should not be undermined or redirected by adults into learning experiences. Play belongs to the child.
Summerhill Policy Statement

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Space Leeds -den playing, building, drawing, film making, film watching within the exhibition Peering Sideways

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jono Burgess: International Den Making Day 2011, Tegel Airport, Berlin

Harehills Primary School

This is a telly

Harehills Primary School

6 enormous dens were created in 6 days with children from year 1 and year 5

Saturday, October 1, 2011

International den making day 2011

The first den...Janet, Jon, Amber and Joab's den in Sheffield:'Hi, for den day we made our trampoline into an outdoor space for watching tv (+ snacking of course).'

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pecha Kucha January 2011

We presented 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide.
Keeping quiet we built a den around the microphone with bits n bobs we'd mangaged to collect that afternoon including a single party popper finale.

Friday, February 4, 2011


We have put a Prototype Mini Den box in the Mittwoch (middle of the week dad's club and few mums sometimes) exhibition at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.
Visitors can construct mini dens for Brian Jones and send pictures to our new website