Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More memories from Cobalt...

8,Laura Seebohm, Dedham
The garden of Princel House, Dedham (Essex/Sutton border) a trap door in the garden leading down to an air raid shelter.

9,Michelle, Arnold
My Gran and Grandad used to make a den out of sheets for us on the washing line.

10,Matt Stokes told me about a room in his house in East Sussex...apparently you had to crawl into the room through a tunnel and then went round and round until you reached the den in the middle...

11,John the chemist,
Inbetween 2 parallel lines in a forest plantations. Bits of stick, colder than this (-2), sat in it all night.

12,John, St. Austell
Dig holes in the ground, sit in them, with a plastic snake.

13,Jacob, Newcastle
Sheets as roof, cushions as beds, chairs for holding the roof up, sometimes bamboo sticks for holding the roof up.

14,Ben, Newcastle
hide..sometimes alone sometimes with friends
old parachute in the garden

Dear "Miss" I live in a den. I am a full time hoarder. I live with Herman he is green and a puppet.

wood, bricks...outside in the back garden, a couple of friends are allowed in it, sit in it, chat, sometimes eat, sometimes take it down.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Memories recorded at Cobalt Studios, 30th November 2008

1,Jill Bloodsworth, Penistone
A blanket trapped in the piano and then draped over the settee and then my Mum would
barracade us in with chairs and we'd play in it all day.

2,Tara Scholes, Guilford
Making a den, from 2 armchairs, a duvet and a mattress!
In my living room in Guilford.

3,Joe Frankland, Cambridge
My brothers and I made dens out of clothes drying racks in Cambridge. Then we'd play cowboys and indians.

4,Juliette Baisseau, St Yrieix-la-Perche, France
Musty, smelling old really heavy blankets and quilts. Cutting sunlight, but not the heat!

5,David Hardman, Ringwood
At David's Grandfather's house, there was a wood behind his house, "we used to dig caves out of the soil/sand underneath the trees-it's a wonder we didn't kill ourselves actually!"

6,Sarah Coller, Bath
I love dens, spent a lot of my gorgeous childhood in them. One was made out of a tractor cab and we put it in a tree. Very territorial-a refuge from my brothers, gangs formed, outside all day, all weather.

7,Marjolaine, East Dulwich, South London
I remember putting all the chairs together then putting sheets across them-pulling the sheets and chairs to make a tent shape and taking cushions and candles inside! I roasted marshmallows on the candles (alone and with friends) sounds dangerous!!