Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Graphic Arts & Design studio den 6th July 2009

We needed a constructed space to show our project to then discuss the relationship of design to the project
luxury versus necessity, survivalist design methods, Greenham Common, minimal design, changing typographic use, not a font, health and safety, a kind of vernacular of materials, and much much more

Design Activism Event, 3rd July 2009

Taking part in the design activism day at Leeds Metropolitan University.
Making dens or mini spaces with whatever we had in our bags, pockets or in the room.
We discussed the relevance of the innovative use of materials on the moon landings mission in 1969 as described by Sam Wollaston in the Guardian-
"best of all was the construction of an adapter to make the carbon-dioxide filters from the command module work in the lunar module. Basically, they'd arrived at their holiday destination, tried to plug something in, and found that the plug sockets were different. Except we're not talking about charging mobile phones - we're talking about getting rid of the the carbon dioxide, which they needed to do in order to stay alive. In the thickening fug in Houston, a team set about fabricating an adapter, using only what their brothers in space had to hand. The result was a clumsy box made from plastic, duct tape, the cover of a manual and an old sock. And, when they were finished, they had to then explain to the astronauts how to make their own adapter;" 2/7/09