Friday, October 9, 2009

International Den Making Day, Banyoles, Spain

It was in a ditch. There was a traditional teepee construction of twigs round a tree. Outside was a "tray" of "bread" (planks with insulation foam on them). next to this in a another tree was a platform about 1.5m above the ground that about 3 kids could climb up to. It was pretty dangerous. between these 2 constructions were 2 planks that formed a bridge over the ditch. At one point Sylvia was a kind of gatekeeper for the bridge.
I saw this den on international den making day. I don't think that the children who had made it were aware that they were contributing to such a prestigious international art collaboration.
Joe Robinson

Monday, October 5, 2009

more memories over cake 3/10/09

Our house backed onto a chicken farm off the Stratford Road in Birmingham and a Tennis Club.
We (kids on the street) used to climb over into the farm and build dens out of the brush and material lying around.
There's a photo of us sitting on logs in the farm.
We also used to get into the tennis club and make dens out of the summer foliage and either no-one knew or didnt bother about us, they probably were happy we were out of the way.

I also had a seat high up in an ash tree until my dad had to chop it down as the roots started to destroy the garage.
The taylors had a tree house built for them.

We moved to the Wirral during the war and had a garden that then had a kind of bridge over a ditch and some wood at the back.
We used to make dens in the wood which felt like it was separate to the rest of the garden and the house and therefore parents.
They weren't fancy things just temporary structures from sticks and whatever was around.

What is the definition of a den?

International Den Making Day